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Elm Tree Leaves

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How to Identify Hickory Trees: Eleven Kinds

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Different Types of Termite Pictures

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Eight Different Types of Windflowers

More commonly known as windflowers, Anemones make great additions to your garden. Thanks to their perennial nature, they are most often used as a decorative border. While beautiful, these flowers are toxic, so be careful and always wear gloves if you invest in these flowers. They are dangerous to eat and can cause skin allergies ... Read more

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45 Beach Plants and Flowers

If you live by the beach, salt can destroy your plants over time. Salt-tolerant species offer a solution to your problem. These coastal plants and flowers are versatile enough to grow in harsh weather conditions. That means they grow beautifully in coastal areas where salty sea air is constant. Even if you live inland near ... Read more

Redbud Tree Types that will Brighten Your Spring

Winter seems to last forever, but the days get longer, and the weather gets warmer. As the days grow warmer, you may see trees blooming with pink and purple flowers. These trees are called redbuds, and there are many different types of redbud trees that can grow in your backyard. Keep reading to learn more ... Read more

11 Types of Grasshoppers

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Types of Dragonflies

During the Paleozoic era – more than 500 million years ago – humongous dragonflies dominated the skies. Thankfully, our modern dragonflies have scaled down to be more manageable in size. However, many other defining characteristics have stayed the same. While there are more than 5,000 dragonflies, they all typically have long bodies, large eyes, and ... Read more

13 Moths to Watch Out For

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